Sunday, June 26, 2011

Astronaut Training Party

We had to have something fun to distract us from the impending MOVE project… so Eddie’s birthday came a little early this year.100_2470

It fits! The bouncy house fits!!!


Test drive.

100_2472 100_2473 100_2474 100_2475

The mad rush to complete astronaut training.


Assembling the launch code within the command module (and some adjustments meant for off-camera).100_2477

Robotic arm manipulation (gather the bouncy balls).


Launch sequence a.k.a. stomp rocket (3 out of 4 rockets were immediately lodged in the ginormous tree).


An astronaut dad assisting with the shuttle repair training exercise (screwing bolts while wearing oven mitts).


The moon. And asteroids, all behaving nicely. (Backpack “gear”, completion certificates, alien specimen collection bag, solar system navigation exercise, and training mission manual in background).

100_2481 100_2482 100_2483  100_2485


Our little moon muncher.

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