Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dear Dad

I understand from mom that you had to leave for a while. From my conversations with my peers at the hospital nursery I guess this is a common situation. None of the other babies liked the idea, either. Our first two weeks were a lot of fun (well I can only speak for myself; I hope they were fun for all the adults, too) and if I understood you correctly, we have many more good times to look forward to when you get back. That's great. I want you to know that I'm really excited about it (mom's nice and all, but she's a GIRL.) Of course, as a little baby, I have no concept of time or the future. So I may act aloof or like I don't care that you're gone. But just so that you know, I do care and every time mom mentions you (which is just about constantly; I think she has a crush on you or something) I think about hanging out with you again and learning to do all the fun guy stuff you talked about.

So, you know, just for the record.

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